Jacksonville, FL

    Apellix designs and builds aerial robots (drones) that autonomously perform work on elevated structures that is otherwise dangerous, expensive and time consuming for humans to perform.

    McLean, VA

    The ARinspect platform empowers organizations to better protect the health, safety, and environment in their commmunities via modern tools that enable data-driving enforcement and smart inspections.

    Valparaiso, IN

    Artunity has developed a platform aimed at ending the cliche of the starving artist by democratizing artist visibility and asset opportunity for new collectors.

    Milipitas, CA

    Avocado Systems protects operations inside of data centers and clouds at the web, application, and database tiers against threats in real-time.

    New York, NY

    Axle is a tech-enabled freight factor. They provide freight brokers with short term working capital by purchasing their accounts receivable at a discount.

    Berkeley, CA

    Deriving cannabinoids from plants is expensive and has a huge environmental impact. Biomedicin makes natural cannabinoids from yeast, a process that is much cheaper and much more environmentally friendly.

    Baton Rouge, LA

    Block provides on-demand lawn care. That means immediate pricing, á-la-carte, schedulable services, in-app payments, and mower ratings and reviews for the customer. It also means a low-friction way for mowers to make money without the administrative burden of acquiring customers, collecting payments or handling support claims.

    Orange City, FL & New York, NY

    BLUEWAVE developed a connected healthtech device that can sanitize and deodorize items in as little as 5 minutes, without using any water, detergents, or added chemicals.


    New York, NY

    Breathing.ai personalizes screens to reduce one’s stress and improve their attention by using web and phone cams with machine learning to detect one’s heart rate & breathing patterns.

    Columbia, MO, Salt Lake City, UT & San Francisco, CA

    Calendar.com has developed a calendar that features recorded meeting transcripts, smart scheduling, real-time map viewing, & time management analytics.

    San Antonio, TX

    CyberFortress provides a narrowly-focused, online business interruption policy that, when triggered by an unexpected downtime event, begins paying out within 24 hours of the incident.

    Framingham, MA

    Using innovative nanotechnology, DetraPel liquid repellents create harmless, PFAS-Free, invisible barriers that protect your items from damage caused by water, other liquids and even food.

    Chicago, IL

    Digs is an educational saving app for first time home buyers that allows people to save for a home through an FDIC insured account with a unique contribution matching program that accelerates the saving process.


    Doghead Simulations is improving the way we fundamentally educate and collaborate via their virtual reality application, rumii.

    New Orleans, LA

    Don't Get Mad Get Paid is changing the way that moms collect child support with a tech solution that finds absent parents, their income, assets, and generates legal documents to seize them.

    Boston, MA

    Enlivity's mission is to improve the oral and digestive health of patients going through cancer treatment via a dietary supplement that helps those with mouth sores or who have difficulty swallowing due to chemotherapy or radiation.

    Atlanta, GA & Washington, D.C.

    EnrichHER connects revenue-generating women-led companies seeking up to $250,000 with accredited and non-accredited lenders who want to earn 15% return on their investment while fueling the growth of women-led businesses.

    Chicago, IL

    Etta is an artificially intelligent skin cancer detection software. Instantly analyzes a picture of a lesion on the skin to determine whether it may require treatment. Predictive models are used to compare the images with a massive, melanin-diverse, diagnostic dataset. Post-screening, it tracks changes over time and helps patients and doctors keep track of changes.

    Monticello, FL

    Exiom is pioneering the next generation of Orthopedic Casts and Braces with advanced 3D Modeling software.

    Dallas, TX

    Virtual wedding planning studio, connecting couples with professional planners to coordinate weddings online to make it affordable for all.

    Milwaukee, WI

    Social learning platform offering live, in-depth group teaching and learning sessions after school for students and educators.


    Orlando, FL

    FleetZoo is a powerful AI-based route planning and optimization SaaS platform that delivers increased profitability to fleet owners in the services and last mile delivery space.

    Cincinnati, OH

    Frayt provides an on-demand peer-to-peer shipping service through an automated web and mobile platform.

    Tampa, FL

    Fruutful has a patent-pending design that has simplified an overly complex bra sizing system, allowing their customers to create their own personal fit down to the exact centimeter.

    Washington D.C.

    GiveCampus is the leading fundraising platform for educational institutions. By providing software, services and expertise that help schools raise more money from more donors, they’re helping to advance the quality, the affordability, and the accessibility of education.

    Think of Gravy as Uber for hospitality industry staffing. Hospitality pros and employers create profile to find each other and transact through an easy-to-use app.

    Tampa, FL

    Buy one cup of coffee at Starbucks, invest $1 directly into Starbucks stock. This works at any publicly traded company; shop at a local store, $1 goes into a Grifin cash account, which can be used as a savings or as a fund to buy more shares of stock with.

    HelpGetSponsors.com is a cloud based SaaS providing events, media, sports properties and non-profit companies with innovative, functional and easy-to-use tools and skills to more effectively sell and manage sponsorships.

    Hera Health Solutions is a pharmaceutical device company specializing in the development and commercialization of long acting treatments through proprietary bioerodible implants.

    Tampa, FL

    IMMERTEC provides a proprietary, real-time VR software for medical device training and sales. Their software allows any physician in the world to instantly connect and train in VR.

    New York, NY

    InEvent is an all-in-one event management software. They help companies secure their data through an easy-to-use platform, cutting tech costs, saving operational time, and enabling digital transformation for all events, travel and corporate training.

    Miami, FL

    Intelligent Observation reduces infections in hospitals, making them safer for patients, staff, and visitors.

    ion Learning is the world’s first platform that combines digital learning with small group mentoring at scale, driving culture transformation, retention, and inclusion.

    New Orleans, LA

    Jessie is an on-demand digital clinic for women that streamlines access to today's leading virtual care services through personalized navigation and support.

    Philadelphia, PA

    Kova provides a solution for the modern bicycle rider who travels and commutes and wants to look good, thanks to their convenient, stylish, and customizable helmets that fold down to a ⅓ of its size and which exceed current safety standards.

    LawCo has developed a website and free mobile app for iOS and Android that instantly connects people in need of legal help with qualified lawyers in a simple, streamlined way in real-time.

    Moxey is an integrated marketplace, payment platform, and community currency designed to help entrepreneurs solve core problems: the need for new customers, better cash flow, and employee retention.

    MyStrongHome is a benefit corporation that builds resilience to increasingly frequent and severe weather disasters. They provide construction upgrades to homes that are vulnerable to catastrophe and finance those upgrades using the resulting insurance discounts.

    Denver, CO

    Nikola Power is a clean energy company that provides a platform of energy storage services to solar developers in order to help them navigate the emerging solar plus storage market.

    Miami, FL

    OBE Power is solving the "chicken or the egg" dilemma for electric vehicle and charging stations with its exclusive EV Charging as a Service solution, at no cost to host properties and with charging rates below the price of gas.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Perimeter81’s cloud-based and user-centric Secure NaaS utilizes the Zero Trust and Software-Defined Perimeter security models, offering greater network visibility, seamless onboarding, and automatic integration with all the major cloud providers.

    Washington, D.C.

    Phylomics provides routine, non-invasive, and accurate cancer screening via a blood test that detects multiple types of cancers in asymptomatic patients.

    Cincinnati, OH

    Short for "Physcial DNA", Physna uses AI technology to create a "Physical DNA" code for all 3D properties and characteristics.

    Washington, D.C. & San Francisco, CA

    Pilleve is an integrated pill bottle that helps care providers identify high risk patients and intervene before the onset of an addiction. Patients are prescribed the device along with their prescription opioids, packaged and distributed by a pharmacist, and reimbursed by an insurance company.

    Nashville, TN & & Tampa, FL

    Professional Credentials Exchange facilitates the completely secure and reliable exchange of professional identity and credentials information through a 100% cloud-based platform.

    Boulder, CO

    Proov empowers women to know more about their reproductive health. Proov tests for progesterone, a hormone critical for ovulation, conception, and maintaining a pregnancy.

    Brooklyn, NY

    PulseWear is a maker of wearable wellness and health-related devices aiming to balance biological rhythms. Its first patented product, DreamOn, gets users the sleep they need via tactile entrainment.

    Boston, MA

    Quinnncia is career readiness platform using AI to embedded career readiness into the classroom for college students, helping them highlight their soft skills to potential employers and have meaningful careers.

    Bethesda, MD

    RallyBright is a software platform that leverages proprietary science and proven team development to help business leaders build better teams by measuring and improving team performance and strengthening team dynamics.

    Houston & Austin TX & San Juan, PR

    re:3D is committed to decimating the cost and scale barriers to industrial 3D printing. After pioneering the world’s first affordable, human-scale industrial 3D printer, they are now enabling 3D printing directly from reclaimed plastic pellets or flake.

    New Orleans, LA

    REAL DFM is a boutique design, development, and manufacturing firm headquartered in New Orleans, LA with a prototyping studio in Dongguan, China and a satellite office in Bath, UK.

    Denver, CO

    Rebric provides a managed infrastructure platform so financial institutions can get machine learning and AI systems to detect laundering without having to bring on additional operations and data science staff.

    Dallas, TX

    Rent My Wardrobe is a female owned and operated company whose app-based platform facilitates a consumer-to-consumer rental service for women’s fashion, empowering women to become their own entrepreneurs and giving them a way to generate additional income.

    South Bend, IN

    Patented technology known as Flat Core Speaker (FCS) is the reinvention of the original speaker design, which allows the speaker drivers to be thinner and lighter.

    Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

    Saathi’s 100% biodegradable and compostable sanitary pad is made from banana fiber, which is one of the most absorbent natural fibers and abundant in India. They are more comfortable and safer for users because they don’t contain bleach.

    Los Angeles, CA

    SAFE is a national healthcare company focused initially on the underserved market of sexual health. Via the SAFE app, users can import their test results from almost any doctor, clinic, or lab for free so they can show their verified sexual health status to potential partners.

    Los Angeles, CA

    Safety Pin’s digital trust badge gives users a way to take trust and safety into their own hands with a 3rd-party, forward-facing solution that works on any app or platform. By increasing the level of trust online, they are helping people book more jobs when using on-demand apps.

    Mississauga, Canada

    Savormetrics is a technology leader in AI driven portable devices that provide businesses across the food sectors with actionable food safety and quality metrics, allowing companies to reduce waste and increase profits by smart procurement, inventory management and processing.

    Tampa, FL

    SciX is a biotech IoT application development company that creates science-based and health-related mobile, wearable applications and devices for the healthcare industry.

    Orlando, FL

    SegAna LLC is a medical device company that’s developed a cloud-based software platform utilizing artificial Intelligence and a proprietary algorithm that measures changes in patient specific tissue elasticity for enhancing radiation treatment of cancer.